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Social media marketing, management and consultancy

E83 Social Media Marketing, Management and Consultancy was created by a team of highly skilled digital, social and sports media experts. Our core philosophy is that everyone is unique and that social media must reflect you and your core values. At E83, we offer tailored social media strategies, content plans and ideas to maximise your social media platforms.

Already have a social media team? Our bespoke social media consultancy will work with your team, working alongside them on new brands and campaigns, provide advice and feedback to increase performance and productivity.

E83 social media management and consultancy is here to help.

What E83 can do for you


Already have a social media team but want to reach your full potential? We can help you boost your bottom line and raise your brand awareness with our expert social media consultancy.

Content Creation

Our award-winning team can create bespoke branded content for all your social platforms to maximise your brand awareness, impressions and engagements.

Strategy Development

Each social platform needs its own unique social media strategy. We produce tailored overarching strategies, competitor analysis.

Social Campaigns

Whatever your brand represents, we can create highly engaging social campaigns backed with paid media in order to reach your desired target audience to increase awareness for your brand.

Social Media Audit

We create a free audit on your social media platforms. What is working, what is failing and what can be improved upon. . We use the best social tools to get the most in-depth analytics. All for free!

Account Management

Need help with the day to day management of all your social networks? We can take full management of your channels and guide you in reaching your goals.


Using the most in-depth social tools, we produce highly details monthly analytical reports to track your brand growth, impressions and engagements.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencers can bring a whole new demographic to your brand, we produce influencer strategies and will pair your brand with the perfect influencer for your campaigns.

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